Our Mission

Science Nation is an unincorporated nonprofit organization dedicated to creating an online academic support center so that students in grades K-12 can always have access to the tools they need to succeed. Our passionate team of high school upperclassmen and college undergraduates offer their services completely free of charge, so anyone and everyone looking to achieve academic excellence can access our resources!

The Origin Story

It was a warm spring day in April of 2020- a month after schools had ended in-person instruction for the year due to a certain global pandemic. As one might assume, without the presence of school in their lives, students had quite a fair amount of free time. That free time was spent in a variety of ways: some began an exercise regime to reach peak fitness, some binge watched every single show on Netflix, and others simply slept the days away.

One of such students, Christina Ding, a then high school junior, had an epiphany. Since freshman year, she had been enthralled by the human gut microbiome and was looking to expand and share her knowledge on the subject. So in the midst of a global pandemic, Christina quickly realized: what better time than now to start a science blog? And that, my friends, is how Discoveries and Demystifications was born.

Now, this is the part where you go, "Discoveries and Demystifications? Is that a typo? I thought this was Science Nation!"

Well, Discoveries and Demystifications was the original name of the blog. It was a small, one-woman production that produced papers on the gut microbiome and other cool scientific topics. And for a while, all was fine and dandy. But as political tensions across America grew, Christina began to realize the power of having a platform no matter how small, and so the blog content shifted accordingly. New pieces touched on #BlackLivesMatter resources, information on the composition and mitigation of tear gas, as well as research on clean energy to slow down global warming.

However, this was not enough.

The winds of change had begun blowing in full force, buffeting information and exposing injustices throughout America. It was during this time that Christina was exposed to the real problem within America: severe inequity and a lack of compassion. As a determined student and passionate learner herself, Christina could not stomach the idea that fellow students were having their curiosity and ambition crushed out of them by a broken system. And so Discoveries and Demystifications came to a halt to make way for the rise of a solution: The Science Nation Initiative.

In early July of 2020, Science Nation recruited its first few team members and officially announced the rebrand via social media. A statement was released, explaining that "in these transformative times, our team has noticed that the quality of American public education students receive is largely dependent on their neighborhood and socioeconomic status, which leads to an educational imbalance between poorer and wealthier neighborhoods. This inequality follows students for the rest of their lives, pervading college admissions and future job opportunities, and eventually acting as a contributing factor to racial pay disparities and incarceration rates. As big believers in equal opportunity and accessible education, the Science Nation team has taken it upon ourselves to take the first step in fighting this inequity: by providing free educational resources via our site initiatives.

"We're moving beyond only producing blog content. In these next few weeks, the Science Nation team has committed to adding hour long online classes free of charge in STEM subjects, introducing a tutoring program to aide those seeking support, as well as opportunities for students to publish their own papers via our blog.

As administrations begin to implement shaky plans for returns to schools, Science Nation hopes to serve as a resource to help students discover their passion for STEM and support their endeavors in school years to come."

Since then, Science Nation has far surpassed the scope of the original blog content. Now, Science Nation works with students all over the world, teaching classes on topics like evolution and python, as well as tutoring in almost every single American high school subject available. And while Science Nation is not a perfect solution to achieving an equitable nation, it is most definitely a fantastic first step in the right direction.

But for those who may be feeling nostalgic, if you scroll to the very beginning of the blog content, you can still read the piece that kick started it all- Imposter Village: The Human Gut Microbiome at a Glance.

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Christina Ding

Founder of Science Nation​